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Mediation (BAFM)

Dr. Vanessa Zamberk, nee Faktor, born in the United States, was educated in Germany and Switzerland. During her Master Program in Public Management at Bocconi, she worked for the last semester at the Housing Opportunity Commission of Montgomery County. For the next three years she gained professional experience at JP Morgen Chase and the 7th Art in NY.


Back in Europe she enrolled in the doctoral program at the University of St. Gallen specialising in the field of governance. Research assistant at the affiliated Institute for Leadership and Human Resources, Vanessa also coordinated governance workshops and seminars for directors of the board. Writing her dissertation: “New Family Office Governance” she was invited as a Visiting Scholar by the Wharton Business School. As guest lecturer and participant of workshops and seminars for international organizations and companies she concluded that family enterprises from Frankfurt to Beijing face the same problems and aims, the optimisation of the family`s assets and their successful transmission to the next generation


Her company WORKSHOP DUAL counsels and accompanies her clients during the design and establishment of a structured governance system covering strategy, defined communication channels, risk management and timely succession planning for the family and its business.


Specific programs prepare the next generation for their future challenges and responsibilities. Confidential mediation facilitates conflict resolution. 


Workshop Dual assists with intra-generational philanthropic projects which result in a better alignment of the family identity by bring the different generations closer.   

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